Arrange and decorate your garden in 5 steps

jardin amenagement fleurs

For some time now, when you look at your garden, all you see is a funny battlefield. The first rays of sunshine and flowering trees only highlight the gray mine of your greenery and you want to put an end to it.

That’s good, in this article, we give you the 5 steps to follow to arrange your garden easily, and methodically.

So arm yourself with courage and a rake, and let’s go.


Step 1: Prepare the ground


First of all, it is important that you prepare the garden for the changes you are going to make.

To do this, mow your lawn. Your garden will immediately seem cleaner. Then, brush your hedges, and pull out the weeds.

If you have decorations such as fountains or water basins, clean them. A water point in your garden creates a peaceful and soothing atmosphere. However, when they are not maintained, these elements can quickly tarnish the image of your garden.

Finally, do a thorough cleaning : throw out the chipped pots, get rid of the worm-eaten wood, and take your children’s old toys that have taken root in your soil for years to the dump.


Step 2 : Anticipate and imagine the layout of your garden


Once the ground is clean, and the big spring cleaning is done, it’s time to sit down and think.

Do not rush: this is the reflection phase where you plan how you are going to lay out your garden. Do not hesitate to make plans to obtain a more visual result, and be sure not to forget anything.

Then, choose the materials you will use, according to your preferences, and the maintenance conditions of each.

Indeed, if you choose materials that do not withstand damp nights or strong gusts of wind, then it would be wise to provide a place to store the equipment. In this case, if your garage is too small, then the best solution is to invest in a storage shed.

But if you don’t want the hassle of putting your furniture away every night, and taking it out every morning, then opt for white cedar wood equipment. Indeed, this material, naturally robust, is a guarantee of a long-term investment and user satisfaction. They do not require any treatment product and in an outdoor environment, they are not afraid of bad weather.


Step 3 : Set up a relaxation area in your garden


Your garden will be your best ally this summer when you want to rest and enjoy the sun. So don’t neglect it.

To bask in the sun, there are many choices available to you. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best:

a hammock in the shade of two trees
a deck chair, accompanied by a small garden table to put your lemonade on
a deckchair for taking a nap

In terms of relaxation, we recommend the Adirondack chair without hesitation. Its high back, wide armrests, and deep seat provide unparalleled comfort and durability.


Fauteuil Adirondack deluxe

In addition, as we said earlier, a corner of water is an excellent source of well-being and relaxation.

If you feel like it, you can set up a small fountain, or a waterfall. And if the size of your garden allows it, you can even opt for a water basin.

Don’t forget to put your “deco touch” to personalize your exteriors.


bougie jardin trepied


Step 4 : Provide space for children


Also remember to provide a small play area for your children.

Indeed, with the beautiful days coming, they will be happy to enjoy the sun. They can clear your mind… and give you some respite. In this case, you can arrange their space with tables and chairs to their size, a small sandbox, or swings, etc.


For example, the small white cedar wood bench is ideal for your children. Accompanied by the square wooden table, it will make a perfect space for your children to play at the dinette.



Step 5 : Fence the garden


Once you have laid out your garden according to your tastes, there is only one final touch to bring to your project: separate your spaces.

As a first step, fencing your garden provides some privacy for your family. No nosy neighbors watching you bask in the sun, and no passers-by letting their dogs soil your green spaces…

Secondly, it reinforces the safety and comfort of your space. Indeed, if you have an animal, this allows you to keep it within your property. In addition, it prevents your children’s balls from rolling on the road, and reduces the risk of accidents related to surrounding traffic.


To enclose your spaces, you can opt for plants and flowers, or wooden fences, which will recall your white cedar wood furniture.


We hope these 5 steps to landscaping your garden have been useful to you.

We remain at your disposal for any request for information on the layout of your garden with white cedar furniture.