Frequently Asked Questions

What causes wood to crack?

All log furniture may naturally develop cracks as the wood dries.


However, these cracks are superficial and in no way affect the wood’s strength, as they never extend into the heartwood.


This phenomenon merely enhances the unique beauty of your furniture.


We draw your attention to the article below:

Paragraph 10.6 CGV :

The natural slits specific to the White Cedar, pledge of its authenticity and the quality of the wood, present at the unpacking or appearing in the time do not fall within the scope of the manufacturer’s commercial guarantee and the legal guarantees. and the sap possibly detectable at the beginning of life of the Products.

What wood species di you use in your furniture ?

All our furniture is made of white cedar (Thuja occidentalis), a species renowned for its beauty, durability, and natural resistance to rot and insects.


Chemical preservatives are therefore unnecessary to increase its longevity.


Standard EN 350 (Very Durable Wood)


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Do you have an eco-friendly approach ?

Yes :


Rainforest Alliance Certification

Rainforest Alliance certified logging operations are managed according to rigorous environmental, social and economic criteria to conserve wildlife, conserve soil and waterways, protect workers, their families and local communities and increase their livelihoods for real sustainable development in the long term.


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Eco-furniture is a sector created in December 2011 for the recycling of used furniture. This sector is financed by the implementation of eco-participation in the purchase of new furniture since May 1, 2013.


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Are you in compliance with standards ?



Standard EN350 – Very Durable Wood – guaranteeing you a long-term purchase


Standard NF P99-610 – Robustness & Stability – guaranteeing you a safe use (armachairs ans sofas – Low back)


Are your products preassembled for shipping ?

Most Cèdre & Rondins products are shipped unassembled.


However, the bulk of their components are preassembled and a detailed assembly guide is included with each product to facilitate assembly.


The few pieces of furniture that are preassembled are listed as such in their technical description.

What type of packaging do you use for shipping ?

Cedar Looks products are shipped in cardboard boxes or, in certain cases, plastic film.


They all feature UPC bar codes.

How should i maintain my furniture ?

The furniture does not require any maintenance or special treatment.

White cedar is a high quality wood, very robust and of incomparable durability.

Outside, its hue evolves naturally.

However, you can dye them, polish them, varnish them or even paint them according to your tastes.


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Can all furniture be used outdoors ?


Thanks to white cedar’s natural durability, all Cèdre & Rondins products can be used both indoors and out.

Moisture-, and insect-resistant


Needs no chemical preservatives

Outside, they do not require wintering.

What shade does the wood take over time?

Indoors, it remains light blond.


Outside, its hue evolves into a beautiful silver gray as in the photo.

Are you present on social networks ?

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Do you have stores, resellers ?

Our products are on sale on our website and during events and shows


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How is the delivery ?

     transport dachser


Our carriers provide you with fast and professional home delivery.


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Do you have rates for professionals ?

Of course, go to our PROS page

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