Assembly tips – Assembly guide

The assembly is simple and fast


assembly quick and easy

Most products are shipped unassembled.

However, the bulk of their components are preassembled and a detailed assembly guide (english and french) is included with each product to facilitate assembly.

The few pieces of furniture that are preassembled are listed as such in their technical description.

Maintenance Tips – Stain Varnish

You have the possibility to apply Stain Varnish on your furniture Cèdre & Rondins


Here are some tips before starting the application :


We recommend that you test the stain in an inconspicuous location before starting to ensure the color is right.


If you decide to stain or varnish your furniture after it has matured to a silver gray after several years of use, restore its original appearance with a solution of 20% bleach in a liter of water with 30 ml of detergent (35 ounces of water per 1 ounce of detergent). Proceed with staining or varnishing.


You can also apply varnish over a stain for a higher-gloss finish.


fauteuil de jardin lasure v2 canapé de jardin lasuré

Maintenance Tips – In its natural state

How does the hue of the furniture evolve in its natural state?


If left outdoors without any treatment (stain, paint), white cedar furniture will mature to a splendid silver gray over time.


This photo shows a Cèdre & Rondins chair that remained outdoors without wintering for 6 years in a garden in Brittany (France).


Look at this pretty hue !


If used inside without any treatment (varnish, stain, paint), your Cedar Looks white cedar furniture will mature to a golden color over time.


Inside or outside, if you wish to keep your furniture looking natural, we recommend that you apply a matte varnish or transparent stain to prevent the formation of stains over the years.



How to clean your furniture?


To remove stains and restore white cedar’s original beauty—even after years—use a solution of 20% bleach in a liter of water with 30 ml of detergent (35 ounces of water per 1 ounce of detergent).


Thus, even after years, cedar will return to its original appearance!