Bathroom furniture, how to choose?

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What more noble material than wood to embellish your bathroom? Whether light or dark in tone, wood will bring warmth throughout your room.

Opt for wooden furniture, and be sure to equip yourself with quality furniture that will last over time without fear of humidity.

So watch out. To take advantage of all the advantages that wood brings to your bathroom, it is important to take into account certain criteria that will help you make the right choices.

Which type of wood to choose?


There are different classes of wood which categorizes it according to its properties:

✅ First class: Dry wood or wood subject to humidity always below 20%

✅ Second class: Dry wood or wood occasionally subjected to humidity above 20%

✅ Third class: Wood frequently subjected to humidity above 20%

✅ Fourth class: Wood always subject to humidity above 20%

✅ Fifth class: Wood in permanent contact with water



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It is essential that the wooden furniture in your bathroom is waterproof, in order to prevent it from degrading or molding over time.

Even if you ventilate your room regularly, if you opt for wood that does not tolerate humidity well, its life expectancy will be drastically reduced.

To equip your bathroom, you should choose class 3, 4 or 5 woods, depending on the use you plan for your furniture.

Rot-proof woods are perfect in this setting. We particularly recommend teak wood, or white cedar, which react very well to air heavily laden with water.




What color for your bathroom furniture ?


Light woods create a warm atmosphere. Light colors blend more easily with other shades. They bring a perfect harmony with the colors of the walls and floors. In addition, the light tones of your room envelop your room in a Scandinavian atmosphere, very trendy and current.


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By opting for light woods, you optimize the brightness of your room. In addition, it offers you a refined decoration, and brings a modern atmosphere to your bathroom.

Cedar, beech and poplar combine perfectly with pastel colors for a pleasant and bright bathroom.


Dark woods offer authenticity to your room. The red and brown colors bring an authentic and warm look to your bathroom. We advise you to associate these colors with a light floor and walls to avoid darkening your room. Let the light in with decorations in lighter shades.

By dressing your room with dark woods, you can choose between a rustic or modern decoration, according to your tastes.