Our advices

Advice on assembling your furniture

Our furniture is in most cases delivered as a kit.

The elements (seat – backrest – table top) are pre-assembled.

All you have to do is fit the additional elements (armrests – table base).

Detailed instructions (in French and English) are provided in each package and guarantee quick and easy assembly.

The few pieces of furniture already assembled present a special note in the characteristic of the product.

Care tips for your furniture

Advice – In its natural state


If placed outside without any treatment (stain – stain – varnish), white cedar furniture will gradually turn a beautiful silvery gray.

To remove stains, use a solution of 20% bleach in one liter of water with 30 ml of detergent.

Thus, even after years, cedar will return to its original appearance.


Advice– Stain -Stain – Varnish


Read our tipsif you decide to stain, stain or varnish your white cedar furniture.

We recommend a colorless matt stain in order to maintain the natural and original appearance of your furniture.


Before you start do a test on an inconspicuous area to verify the correctness of the color.

A varnish can also be applied after staining or staining to give a glossier finish.


If this operation takes place after a few years, our adviceis to restore the furniture to its original appearance beforehand.

To do this, use a solution of 20% bleach in one liter of water with 30 ml of detergent. Then proceed to the application.


Advice– Painting


If you decide to paint your furniture in white cedar, the natural color and grain of the wood will be obscured.

We recommend that you follow the advice of your paint retailer before proceeding with this application in order to maximize results.

Advice on winterizing your furniture

Due to its natural qualities, white cedar is resistant to bad weather, frost and insects.

You can leave your white cedar furniture in your garden in all seasons.

No more winter chores !

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