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Discover our Adirondack Chairs range in White Cedar. Cèdre et Rondins markets an elegant and original collection of modular indoor and outdoor furniture according to the expectations of its customers and adapted to each budget.

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What are Adirondack Chairs ?

An Adirondack Armchair is a garden armchair with a legendary design of North American origin.

This Adirondack chair was designed in the 20th century, in the heart of the Adirondack mountains by Mr. Thomas Lee who decided to make “the best chair in the world with the perfect seat”.

The bet is successful!

This Canadian armchair is distinguished from other garden chairs by its emblematic shape, its low seat, its high and curved backrest and its wide armrests. Aesthetics, comfort and originality are at the rendezvous.

You are comfortably seated in the back of the seat with your back pleasantly supported.


Where to Buy the Best Adirondack Chair ?

The original model is therefore the wooden Adirondack.

Due to its success, many copies have emerged, more or less successful in terms of design and comfort.

They are currently available in all types of materials (plastic adirondack – acacia adirondack – eucalyptus adirondack – pallet adirondack) and at all prices, although unfortunately the quality is not always there.

For the more do-it-yourselfers, there are Adirondack chair plans to try to make it yourself.

The Cèdre & Rondins online store offers you the authentic Canadian Adirondack Armchair.

It comes in a solo version or a duo version with its Adirondack footrest.

It is generally accompanied by the small Adirondack table to compose a harmonious set of garden furniture.

To save space or if you want to store it, a folding Adirondack chair version is also available.

This garden armchair is a natural wood. It can be painted, stained or varnished to match your garden decoration.