Garden swing seat | Swing to the rhythm of the seasons

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Are you a fan of sunny naps? If you want to take advantage of the beautiful season languidly lying on a wooden swing seat facing the pool, on your terrace, in your garden or at the beach, our outdoor swing seat is waiting for you. Made of beautiful raw white cedar wood, it accompanies you over time.

A garden swing to relax

By installing a two-seater swing in your garden, you will enjoy a moment of sweetness and complicity with your better half. Make yourself comfortable on the seat carved from raw white cedar wood to admire the setting sun as a couple.

In order to obtain an even cozier seat, you can install large soft and colorful cushions. Do you prefer to get up at dawn and enjoy the beauty of the rising sun? Schedule a cocooning moment as soon as you wake up with a cup of hot chocolate or strong coffee. Wait quietly for dawn to appear to capture this moment of happiness as a duo or simply solo with a camera.

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Solidly made, the swing seat is original with its log frame and well anchored in the ground. You will not regret your investment in white cedar wood garden furniture which, by its quality, will always be impeccable year after year, with a minimum of maintenance.


Choosing the right outdoor swing chair

Our wooden swing seat is designed to ensure the comfort of your outdoor spaces.

You will install your swing in your garden to create a small outdoor relaxation area. We can’t wait for the summer to enjoy the warmth of the sun languidly curled up on the swing. Moreover, our garden furniture fits just as well in a veranda as on a terrace.

More practical than a hammock, you position your two-seater swing in the place that suits you best and according to the landscapes that inspire you. Very robust, our wooden swing seat delights young and old who love the feeling of relaxation it provides.

Canadians greatly appreciate the two-seater porch swing that is widely featured in many properties. Indeed, it allows you to relax while enjoying the sweetness of life between parents or with children. Just like our friends across the Atlantic, our swing will provide you with well-being throughout the year.


Choose a swing in his image

By installing a swing seat in your garden, you will be the envy of your family and friends. Who will be able to try it first and enjoy its regular and gentle rocking like a baby appreciates? It is likely that everyone will want to adopt a swing to create a harmonious whole in their own garden.

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The raw wood material integrates in symbiosis with the environment. In its natural state, its color can evolve into a light silvery gray if it remains outside. Go on vacation without leaving your garden. Why go abroad? Close your eyes and let your mind wander to the rhythm of the swing’s quiet back and forth.

You will be well seated on the comfortable wooden seat, soft to the touch and which has no splinters to hurt anyone. A preference for a garden swing that matches your furniture? To this end, it is quite possible to varnish, stain or paint it so that it is even more in harmony with a more contemporary decoration. You can rest assured that this furniture is sturdy and weatherproof so you can stay outdoors worry-free.


Why Choose Our Garden Swing


Different parameters are to be considered when choosing your swing.


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It should be as decorative as it is practical. Moreover, on the market there are swings made on the basis of several materials: namely metal or wood. The seat can accommodate 2 to 4 people and just like the structure, it can be made of wood in the form of slats, steel or plastic. If the seat is covered with fabric and cushions, it is preferable that they are removable and waterproof.

Do you like the rustic and warm style? Our outdoor swing seat made with natural white cedar wood is ideal for blending into your environment. Its rot-proof wood is untreated. With simple regular maintenance, you will love the gentle rhythm of your swing that matches the sofa, head to head and armchair from the Logs range.

Do not hesitate to create a coherent and aesthetic whole in your garden, which each visitor will surely wish to reproduce at home. Give them the secret of your peace of mind but not too much anyway…


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